We are all aging.  Let us help you age gracefully and maintain your competitive edge.

Dr. Amato has always been passionate about Aesthetic Dermatology.  He relates his natural talent in the field to his eye for detail, his desire to always strive for excellence, and his appreciation for art and natural beauty.  Dr. Amato’s goal is to create beautiful and natural enhancements, allowing each of his patients to realize the most beautiful version of themselves.  We know that when you look better, you feel better and do better.  We do not push products or procedures onto any patient, rather we want to help you create an appropriate and comfortable treatment plan that can evolve over time.  For many, this plan might start early to help maintain a natural youthful appearance.  For others, we can help you take control of previous years of sun damage and skin neglect.  

For some of us, including many of our male patients, the primary goal of cosmetic treatments is different.  It is to create or maintain a competitive edge in the workplace or socially.  With a personal and deep interest in male facial anatomy and ideal male facial proportions, Dr. Amato is very skilled in helping you to achieve these goals.

From physician grade skin care to botox, fillers, chemical peels, and laser skin rejuvenation, let us help you to create or maintain your most beautiful, natural, and competitive self.

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